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Takes away tension, stress and bad moods. Purchase now and forget all your troubles, have a peace of mind.

Relax and get the best experience now.


Buy Blueberry Vape Cartridge has a wide variety of strains, as well as high THC levels. 100% certified organic cannabis distilled oil. The Indica heritage is clearly exhibited making users feel a strong couchlock body high. Medically speaking, Blueberry has almost narcotic properties. It is of use to those with pain conditions short-term pain and long-term chronic pain. It can also help relieve some of the troubling symptoms of stress, anxiety and PTSD, creating a physical relaxation strong enough to ease a racing, pre-occupied mind.


Blueberry can induce a deep and lasting sleep and therefore serve as an antidote to entrenched insomnia. Side effects of this strain include the typical dry mouth and red eyes. Its heaviness can also result in droopy, unfocused eyes. As noted, a little bit of Blueberry goes a long way and its high is said to last longer than average.Buy Blueberry Vape Cartridge

Our 100% organically grown, Hemp-derived CBD oil vape juice has a delicious Blueberry flavor. Now available in a conveniently pre-filled cartridge. Our strong consistency, smoothness, and irresistible flavor will make you love our vape juice. Hempeli Vape cartridge is the perfect match for your vape devices!


Our CBD products are highly valued for their premium quality content. Great taste, strong consistency, smoothness, and high strength vape-ability are some of our superior benefits.

Hempeli high-quality Blueberry-flavoured full-spectrum CBD vape cartridges are the best choice for your vape devices.

Hemp-derived CBD vape cartridges are safe, amazing, and non-addictive. Buy our 200 MG cartridge to try some of our amazing vapes.

Hempeli ‘s cartridges can be used in any standard vape devices, to experience that “perfect cloud of pleasure”. The added flavors are perfect to avoid the taste of CBD oil. The PG and VG used in our products will give that definite hit on the throat without causing any harm to your health.

Every Hempeli product is infused with American hemp-derived CBD, extracted from the plant via cutting edge technologies. This extraction method yields full-spectrum oils and isolates that are 3rd party tested for purity before creating our products. Buy the purest and best potent CBD products on the market.

CBD Dose

  • 200 mg

Product Fact

  • Non-GMO Product
  • Vitamin E Acetate free
  • Full Spectrum

THC level

  • No THC/(not present)


  • Tested for quality and potency by a 3rd party lab.


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